The Equestrian

The pleasure of riding a well schooled horse and being an educated rider effortlessly communicating with their horse can not be easily described but has to be experienced. If your ambition is to travel along the path of discovery towards the treasures of achieving harmony with your horse and realise your potential then read on to see how Petros can enable you to reach these goals.

Petros makes a personal commitment to the riders and horses he works with which in turn empowers them to fulfil their ambitions. This commitment is sustained over time providing the support and continuity needed to achieve the best results. A relationship of trust and mutual respect between coach, rider and horse provides the ideal conditions for success to flourish.


Our equestrian services

  • Coaching Sessions
  • Competition support/ participation
  • Clinics for Pony Club branches/clubs
  • Stable management consultancy
  • Preparation for Vocational exams
    and Pony Club tests
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Harmony with your horse

Our aim and joint effort must be to produce horses that are:


Latest News

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